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COPYRIGHT 2010 OVERKILL LLC  All images, writing and content is property of Overkill
Age 42, Creative director for Team Overkill.
He designs all the marketing tools such as
the website, DVD cover and merchandise.

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We are not sure how we exactly met
Bob. He showed up at OVERKILL's
doorstep one day, he looked hungry
so we fed him, and he just never left.
We have since had him neutered and
almost have him trained to pee
outside and fetch sticks and stuff. A
kind person, Bob often times sings to
himself songs he makes up in his
head. A "little right of center" best
describes Bob's personality.

Bob has been a professional graphics/
creative director for 18 years. He
works for a national audience for
such clients as National Geographic,
Boys Life Magazine, 3 M, Smith Kilne
Beecham, Hartcourt Brace Publishing
and Sports Illustrated..Bob has
personally designed every package
for Goetze Candy, located in Baltimore
Maryland. Those little CarmelCreams,
with the white centers. Bob is also
responsible for handling all of
Ultimatecamo's web development,
advertising and print designs. He also
is the Art Director and co-host for the
on-line hunting show MWC@fulldraw
appearing during the 2010 season on

He thrives on creating specific
marketing tools for the Hunting,
Fishing and Sports arena.A very
Shrewd marketing specialist, he not
only creates and designs graphics for
print and web, his knowledge of how
they work in the marketplace makes
him a leading contender in the

Please shoot him an email or give him
a call to discuss your next project.
e-mail bob here...
Please take a moment
and visit a few websites
that Bob has designed.


This entire Website
and all the OVERKILL
printed collateral
material was
designed by Bob.